About us


The core team has about 40 years of experiences in lasers in DoD, commercial industry, and academia in the US and Asia. The laser technologies portfolio includes fiber lasers, solid-state lasers, diode lasers, and gas lasers for wavelengths from UV to mid-IR. Manufacturing optimization is one of our greatest strengths in order to provide laser modules or systems that are performing, reliable, and affordable to our customers.

Our current business focus is all-fiber mode-locked seed lasers and fiber amplifiers for seeding for amplifiers, micro-machining, bio/medical imaging, and etc.

The headquarter is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The products are manufactured in the US or Asia depending on customer's requirements or locations.

Our business is also open to discuss technology transfer licensing if you prefer manufacturing your own laser systems. We're the laser business division of Rayem Inc. Please contact us at rayeminc@gmail.com.